Time has run out to catch London’s foremost Escape Game adventure before our portal closed. Teams had until 25 April to join the legions who have raced against

the clock, solving challenges and cracking puzzles to try and beat Time Run’s top scores for both games.


Few teams in Time Run’s history came close to getting a perfect score of 128 points in Celestial Chain

or obtained the Lance of Longinus with time to spare.


So we threw down the gauntlet to all Time Runners – beat our top scores in either Lance of Longinus or Celestial

Chain to win the title of Time Running Champion along with exclusive preview tickets to our new production when it's announced in Summer 2018.  See the winners below.




Lance of Longinus

Celestial Chain

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to race through time to track down the Lance of Longinus in 45 minutes or less.


The top ten teams on our score board when the portal closes on the 25th of April will be named Time Run champions and win tickets to our brand new experience launching in Autumn 2018. 


Gather the artefacts you need from across time to imprison an ancient force and score points as you do it. 


A perfect game in Celestial Chain will earn you 128 points - a near impossible task - so if your team can score over 118 points you'll be dubbed Time Run heroes, winning tickets to our brand new experience launching in Autumn 2018. 


Kenolanandi - Obtained Lance in 42 mins

Any Ideas? - Obtained Lance in 42 mins 28 seconds

Petrol station cake - Obtained Lance in 44 mins 5 seconds

The Progenators - Obtained Lance in 44 mins 41 seconds

The Obsidian Thumbs - Obtained Lance in 44 mins 57 seconds 

Escarunners - Scored 128 (A PERFECT SCORE!)

Team Awesome - Scored 128 (A PERFECT SCORE!)

Sal's Gals - Scored 124

Syzygy - Scored 124

The Drusketeers - Scored 123

Donut Scissors - Scored 118

Pett's Pets - Scored 118

Book Club - Scored 118

The Progenators - Scored 118

The Faffers - Scored 118

Just the three of us - Scored 118 

Orange Flamingo - Scored 118